Beyond Meditation on the App Store


Beyond Meditation on the App Store

Beyond Meditation is an elegant brainwave entrainment/binaural beats meditation app which delivers a powerful ten-level progressive meditation program which is beautiful to listen to, ultra-relaxing, blissful and reliably enables deep meditation.


Beyond Meditation contains advanced binaural beats brainwave technology combined with beautiful ambient and nature sounds and music to relax deeply to, is amazing for insomnia and helping you to sleep easily, is great music for guided meditation, helps cultivate mindfulness, is great for beginners to meditate to and is a fantastic accompaniment to Buddhist Loving Kindness or Vipassana meditation as it provides beautiful audio to focus on and prevents the mind wandering.
The audios (especially the Alpha and Theta wave level tracks) are also a great aid for focus and concentration, for study and work.


Using the app is as simple as selecting the Level track you are on (beginning with Level 1) and then selecting any Ambient track to go along with it. A large selection of beautifully crafted Ambient tracks are provided (including nature sounds, bells, gongs, bowls, chimes and ambient music) but you have to hear them to believe how good they really are.


Meditation is the state you reach when all of the conditions are right, and our precisely engineered, powerful, high quality audios stimulate the best brainwave conditions for deep meditation. New mental clarity, peace of mind and awareness are the result of consistent use.


Each level is followed by a deeper level until the last level (Level 10). It takes 30 days to complete each level.


The audios in this app are designed to be safe when used as per the instructions, which must be read before use.

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LaszloPosted on7:18 pm - Jun 21, 2015

Great that you made this app. It is very familiair with programs like LifeFlow 2.0. But only a lot cheaper and much more easier to use as a app with beatifull sounscapes.
But what if you completed the program? You start all over again?

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