Beyond concentration for work or study

ByPaul Brady

Beyond concentration for work or study

Working in the software industry in New Zealand, I sometimes find it hard to focus on a task in the office. Whose idea was open plan anyway!? – With all the noise and distractions going on I struggle to concentrate for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I’ve always used calming music, perhaps classical, chill electronic and even binural beats tracks I found on Youtube to help me filter out the noise and focus on the task at hand. These were a big help.


I’ve become interested in a couple of forms of meditation down the years and happened across the Beyond app. I tried it, I liked it. I thought, hmm, this could be a useful addition to my distraction combat arsenal at work. So I gave it a go. After four months of using Beyond at work, it occurred to me today that I’ve not listened to any Chopin, Cafe Del Mar or Binural beats in that time! Beyond helps me get to a different level of concentration and is now an indispensable tool for my work. I recommend this program for anyone who needs to spend extended time in deep concentration. Useful for work, useful for study.


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