10 level progressive program

Free binaural beats meditation iOS app

Ten-level Program

A powerful progressive meditation program gives you more than any other binaural beats app

Tune into your body

Listen each day with headphones to get the most benefit from the progressive program

Pause your life

Take at least 8 minutes out each day to relax your mind. Each track is 30 minutes long.

Daily Reminders

Beyond will subtly remind you to meditate like holosync once per day. Each level is followed by a deeper level until the last level (Level 10). It takes 30 days to complete each level.

Listen Anywhere

The audios (especially the Alpha and Theta wave level tracks) are also a great aid for focus and concentration, for study and work.

Mental clarity and awareness

Our precisely engineered, powerful, high quality audios stimulate the best brainwave conditions for deep meditation.

Ready to go?

The app is free to download, and level one is bundled free with the app. No purchase necessary

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